Role Play Adventure​ 

Daily Schedule for Inmates

​​This is a sample of a typical daily routine at the jail.

7:00    Wake-up roll call

8:00    Breakfast

8:30    Inmate briefing and cell inspections (inspections may happen at any time)

9:00    Work duty

10:00  Optional outdoor Recreation Yard time for medium security inmates (except on Sundays)

11:00   Showers are permitted at this time. Inmates will be escorted to the secure shower area.

12:00   Lunch

12:30   Roll Call, followed by quiet lock down cell time.

6:00     Dinner

8:00     Leisure time: Only compliant inmates who are not in maximum security segregation have the option to be in the cell block / dayroom area to watch a movie, or to play cards, checkers or other board games.

10:00    Roll Call, Lights out

Getting to Franklin County Historic Jail

The nearest International Airport is Des Moines, Iowa. (DSM) It is about a 98 minute drive to Hampton. DSM is serviced by United, American, Delta, Southwest, and Allegiant. There is an airport shuttle service through "Executive Shuttle" that goes to "Dudleys Corners" just nine miles from Hampton. You can pay a little extra and they will take you all the way to the jail. You can also rent a car and drive here. The jail has plenty of parking. Drive into the alley behind the jail and park in that parking lot. You will need to walk around the building to the other side to enter the jail. Note: Minneapolis - St. Paul Airport is 165 miles from Hampton. There is no shuttle service from there.

What to Bring
Pack light. The only thing you will be allowed to have is your medications. No other personal items will be allowed unless you let me know in advance. 

Cell Phones
Even though they are called "cell phones" we do not allow them to be used in any of the cells. I discourage the use of cell phones in the jail as it disrupts the role playing.  However, I understand that some people will want to have access to their cell phones. This will be allowed, as needed for short periods of time. The person who needs to call will be taken to the jail intake area to use the device.  In this season's role play, this is 1968 and cell phones were not invented yet. 


As part of your jail role playing adventure, simple basic meals will be provided by an outside vendor. If you have a special diet (Diabetic, vegetarian, allergies, etc.) I will need to know at least two weeks in advance of your visit. Food is provided as part of the jail role playing adventure.


Please bring your medications and instructions for when they need to be administered. I will provide the medications at the designated times. Please remind staff of your medications.

Handicap Needs

Because of the age of this historical building, the doors (made before 1880) that open into the cells and cell block are only two feet wide. There are low doors, steps, and uneven floors. This may prevent some individuals from full participation in all areas of the facility. However, I still want to provide as much as an adventure as I can for those who are selected to come, regardless of handicap needs if possible. Let me know your needs. 

Your time in Jail

Getting Processed 

Much of your jail experience will depend on you. If you pretend to be non compliant to the officer, you will find yourself in a more severe situation. Compliance to the officer will result in reducing the intensity of the imprisonment. You may want to try different security levels during your role play adventure.

In jail there are long hours of doing time. It can be quite oppressive. Dealing with periods of boredom is one of the biggest challenges of imprisonment. You may want to use the time to meditate and to think. This can be an opportunity to think about your life and where it is going. 

Jail is full of routine. You will be told when to eat, when to shower, and when to go out to the recreation yard.  

Depending on scheduling, you could find yourself as the only one in the jail, or you might find yourself with one or two others in detention. If you are attending with your child, your family will be the only inmates in the facility. If you are coming by yourself, you will be placed in the Men's jail or Women's jail, depending on your gender. I do not mix Men with Women, or families.  They are never in the facility at the same time.

You will be arrested and the officer will read you your rights.

​You will be handcuffed and your legs will be shackled.

You will be searched.

Your personal property will be taken and locked in a safe place. 

Your mugshot will be taken. 
You will be fingerprinted.
You will be asked questions.
You will be issued an inmate uniform.
You will go in chains to your cell as an inmate.
Your life will be controlled.

You will follow the jail routine.

Franklin County 

Historic Jail

Hampton, Iowa