Franklin County 

Historic Jail

Hampton, Iowa

In order to keep the role play safe for everyone, we have strict rules of conduct and rules of how to play.

Rules of Conduct

1.   All role playing must be done in a safe and sane way.

2.   No illegal activities of any kind are allowed at the facility.

3.   No inappropriate sexual conduct will be permitted.

​4.   No activity that would involve personal fluid transfer such as spitting.  (In other words, nothing gross)

5.   No overly aggressive physical contact is permitted. We don't want anyone getting hurt. 

6.   No illegal substances are allowed on property. This includes pretend illegal substances.

7.   No pornographic materials are allowed on the property. 

8.   If you need to smoke, you can request to be taken outside to the yard.  No smoking permitted inside.

9.   No activity that would be considered as "adult entertainment" by zoning regulations shall be engaged in.

General Rules for Jail Role Playing

In this role play you are pretending to be a person who is in detention in jail. You are encouraged to play and make up the background of the character that you are pretending to be.  You may choose to resist the person playing the officer. You may choose to be rebellious. Or you may choose to be compliant. You decide and run the story to a great extent. Don't be afraid to "get into your role". You are the star of the role play. You make it up as you go along. The way that the story goes in the role play, and the way that the guards treat you, depends on your behavior. If you play a bad guy who is resisting or being disrespectful to the officer, you will be treated more severely. You may be put in police restraints or strapped to an emergency restraint chair in the jail. We welcome you to play. The role play will often develop into a "prisoners versus the guards" scenario. It is okay for you to curse at your guard. It is okay to play the bad guy. We will treat you as one. We understand that it is all play and that after we are all done we will shake hands and probably enjoy a root beer together. Just please do not resist us to the point of excess. We do not want to have anyone hurt. All play needs to be done in a safe way. Safety is more important than the role play activity. We want your experience to be very intense, but safe. 

Even though corporal punishment was common place in jails at one time, we do not role play any corporal punishment that involves hitting, slapping, or beatings. However, we do use some of the other methods of punishments that were used. These include, solitary confinement, loss of privileges, and restraints.

In role playing, we pretend. But it is important that you do not pretend that you are sick, or hurt. We need to know what is real. If you say that you are sick and hurt, we will believe you. If you really are sick or having any physical or mental problems, please make sure that you tell us so that we can make sure that you are safe. If you need to pause or stop the role playing, simply tell a staff member to pause or stop the role playing. Then we can deal with any problem or issue that you have. Staff members will stop the role play and possibly eject a player from the jail if they are playing unsafe, or if the staff member feels that continuing the players role play adventure would not be safe mentally or physically for that person. ​

Step Three  Rules of jail role playing