‚ÄčFranklin County 

Historic Jail

Hampton, Iowa

The following document is the zoning ordinance for the City of Hampton regarding Adult-oriented establishments. We are not an adult-oriented establishment and we follow the rules that the city has outlined. Please make yourself aware that we do not permit anything that could be considered as adult activities at the Franklin County Historic Jail. 

City of Hampton, Iowa



126.01 PURPOSE. The City Council of the City of Hampton, Iowa, finds:

1. Adult-oriented establishments require special consideration in order to protect

and preserve the health, safety, and welfare of the patrons of such establishments as

well as the citizens of Hampton;

2. Adult-oriented establishments, because of their very nature, have a

detrimental effect on both existing establishments around them and surrounding

residential areas adjacent to them;

3. The concern over sexually-transmitted diseases is a legitimate health concern

of the City that demands reasonable regulation of adult-oriented establishments in

order to protect the health and well-being of the community;

4. Adult-oriented establishments, due to their very nature, have serious

objectionable operational characteristics, thereby contributing to blight and

downgrading the quality of life in the adjacent area;

5. The City of Hampton wants to prevent these adverse effects and thereby

protect the health and welfare of its residents; protect residents from increased crime;

preserve the quality of life; preserve the property values and character of the

surrounding neighborhoods; and deter the spread of blight;

6. It is not the intent of this chapter to suppress any speech activities protected

by the First Amendment, but to enact content-neutral regulations that address the

secondary effects of adult-oriented establishments as well as the health problems

associated with such establishments.


1. ADULT BOOKSTORE: An establishment that has a facility or facilities,

including but not limited to booths, cubicles, rooms or stalls for the presentation of

"adult entertainment," including adult-oriented films, movies, or live performances for

observation by patrons therein; or an establishment having a substantial or significant

portion of its stock-in-trade for sale, rent, trade, lease, inspection, or viewing of books,

films, video cassettes, magazines, or other periodicals which are distinguished or

characterized by their emphasis on matters depicting, describing, or relating to

specified anatomical areas or specified sexual activities as defined below.

2. ADULT ENTERTAINMENT: Any exhibition of any motion picture, live

performance, display, or dance of any type which has as its dominant theme or is

distinguished or characterized by an emphasis on any actual or simulated specified

sexual activities or specified anatomical areas as defined below.

3. ADULT MOTION PICTURE THEATER: An enclosed building used for

presenting material having as its dominant theme or distinguished or characterized by

an emphasis on matters depicting, describing, or relating to specified sexual activities

or specified anatomical areas as defined below for observation by patrons of the


4. ADULT NOVELTY SHOP: An establishment or business having as a

substantial or significant portion of its stock in trade and sales in novelty or other

items which are distinguished or characterized by their emphasis on or design for

sexual activity or simulating such activity.

5. ADULT-ORIENTED ESTABLISHMENT: Any premises including, without

limitation, "adult bookstores," "adult motion picture theaters," or "adult novelty shop."

It further means any premises to which public patrons or members are invited or

admitted and which are physically arranged so as to provide booths, cubicles, rooms,

compartments, or stalls separate from the common area of the premises for the

purposes of viewing adult-oriented motion pictures, or wherein an entertainer provides

adult entertainment to a member of the public, a patron, or a member, where such

adult entertainment is held, conducted, operated, or maintained for a profit, direct or

indirect. "Adult-Oriented Establishment" further includes, without limitation, any

premises physically arranged and used as such whether advertised or represented as an

adult entertainment studio, exotic dance studio, encounter studio, sensitivity studio, or

any other term of like import.

6. OPERATORS: Any person, partnership, or corporation operating,

conducting, maintaining, or owning any adult-oriented establishment.

7. SPECIFIED ANATOMICAL AREAS: Less than completely and opaquely

covered human genitals, buttocks, female breasts below the areola; or male genitalia.

8. SPECIFIED SEXUAL ACTIVITIES: Simulated or actual (a) showing of

human genitals in a state of sexual stimulation or arousal; (b) acts of sexual activity,

sodomy, or sadomasochism; or (c) fondling or erotic touching of human genitals,

buttocks, or female breasts.