Franklin County 

Historic Jail

Hampton, Iowa


Agreement and Contract for Franklin County Historic Jail Role Play

The signed applicant shall be called “prisoner” in this contract.  The person who is acting as the correctional officer or guard in this role play shall be called “guard” in this contract. The prisoner and guard agree to the following terms: 

Prisoner agrees to be locked and imprisoned from:

date:_________ time__________         until date:________ time___________

1. This is an educational role play where the prisoner is pretending to be an inmate in Jail. The prisoner desires to do this role play of his own free will and choice. The prisoner agrees to hold the guard as harmless against any claim of wrongful imprisonment or use of restraints.

2. The prisoner agrees to be locked inside the jail facility and understands that real police type restraints such as handcuffs, leg irons, and other restraints that are or were commonly used in jails between 1880 and the present time may be used on him/her.

3. If the prisoner wishes to change the role play or stop it for a while, he or she can simply tell the guard that they want to stop the role play. Asking to be released will not get you released, but if you say that you want to end the role play, then you will be released.

4.  The Prisoner agrees to be fully honest with the following:  If the prisoner is sick or injured they will notify the guard.  If the prisoner is aware of any true emergency he/she will notify the guard.  The prisoner will not pretend to be sick or to have an emergency that is not real.  If the prisoner says that he/she is sick or has an emergency, he/she will be taken seriously and released from the role play. 

5.  The guard will be responsible in providing a safe environment for this role play experience.  The prisoner’s safety and health will be of prime importance.

6.  In the event of sickness, or emergency, the role play will be terminated by the guard.  Should the guard determine that he feels that the experience is being detrimental to the mental or physical health of the prisoner, the role play will end, and the prisoner will be released. 

7.  The prisoner agrees to abide by the laws of the state of Iowa. Any real assaults to other prisoners or to the guard which are not a part of the role playing will result in termination of the role play.

8.  The prisoner agrees to keep the volume of his/her voice down and to keep the noise down as much as possible as to not disturb the neighbors.

9.  The prisoner and guard agree that this role play will not include any public display of sexual acts, real or pretended, and also agrees to have no sexual contact or sexual acts of any kind between fellow prisoners or guards.

10.  The prisoner agrees to not damage the bedding, uniform, toilet, sink, or items in the prison.  The prisoner agrees that he/she will pay for any damages willfully done.

11.  Both the prisoner and guard agree that there shall be no spitting, playing with urine or feces, blood play, sadomasochism play, or any other activity that might be dangerous or unsanitary.

12.  This is a non smoking facility.  If you are a smoker, outside smoke breaks must be arranged before the role play. 

13.  Both the prisoner and guard agree that any photographs taken will be private and will not be shared on the internet or in any form to the public without consent from both parties.

14.  Any other persons involved in administering the role play as guards, or as fellow inmates must abide by this contract.

15.  The prisoner understands that there are risks involved in role playing and assumes those risks.  He/she will not hold the guard or Franklin County Historic Jail as responsible for any accidental injuries that may occur.  The guard agrees to keep safety in mind to try and keep the prisoner from sustaining any injuries.

16. If your child who is under the age of 18 is participating in this activity, you agree to be responsible for your child and to keep the child in eyesight at all times. You also agree not to pressure your child into participation. Should your child decide that they do not wish to participate, they will be immediately excused from the role playing. 

17.  All parties to this contract have read the rules of play and rules of conduct as displayed on the website and agree to follow them. In addition all parties have read the city of Hampton zoning ordinances, and agree to not engage in any activity that would not be allowed such as “adult entertainment” that would not be permitted within this zoning.

I hereby agree, under penalty of perjury, that at all times, past, present, and future, I will and did abide by all of the rules in this agreement. I understand that non-compliance to this agreement could result in my being ejected from the Franklin County Jail with no refund of any monies paid.


Signature of Prisoner_____________________________________________________________

Print name:_____________________________________________________________________

Signature of Guard_______________________________________________________________

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For Parents of Participating Children only: 

I am the legal parent/guardian of _____________________________. I agree to allow my child to participate in this activity and will be responsible to make sure that my child follows all of the rules.

Signature of Parent:_________________________________________________________________