​Franklin County 

Historic Jail

Hampton, Iowa

​Interior of Cell 1 and 2

Medium Level Security:  Inmates will be put into the inner cell block. They will be assigned to a cell. They will be allowed to roam around in the locked inner cell block. They get optional yard time once daily. They may watch television through the bars from the inner cell block when allowed. They are not allowed out of the inner cell block to the yard or shower without being escorted by an officer.

Maximum Security Level:  The Inmate will be placed alone in a cell shackled as was done in the early days of the jail.  Most people will want to experience both medium and Maximum security when they come.  

Court Room

Step One:
You decide your security levels. What you choose will determine how you are treated. I suggest that you try both.

​Experience Jail

Maximum Security Single Cell No. 3

The Yard

This is an opportunity for selected individuals to go to jail without committing a crime. You will experience being arrested, jail intake and incarceration first hand. What better way to learn about what jail was like in the 19th and 20th centuries, than to experience it as an inmate.  If you are interested in this very unique experience, follow the steps below.

Cell Block